Can You Smoke Shrooms?

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Magic mushrooms offer a doorway to incredible psychedelic journeys that can promote mental growth. While most people eat dried or brewed shrooms, some wonder if smoking this psychedelic fungus is possible. Can you smoke shrooms? What are the effects, and is it safe? As an experienced psychonaut, I’m here to provide a comprehensive guide to smoking magic mushrooms.

How to Smoke Shrooms

Yes, it is possible to smoke magic mushrooms. However, their psychoactive compounds don’t readily vaporize. This makes technique critical if you want to feel the effects of smoked shrooms. Here are some tips:

  • Grind dried mushrooms into a fine powder to maximize surface area for vaporization.
  • Use a pipe or bong with a flame diffuser screen. This prevents direct contact and destruction of psilocybin and psilocin.
  • Keep the lighter flame an inch or more from the bowl so mushrooms bake versus burn. Inhale slowly.
  • Mix the mushroom powder with cannabis, mint, or other smokable herbs. This prevents mushrooms from getting sucked into the pipe.

Smoking shroom powder takes patience and care, but can work with some trial and error. Vaporization maximizes potency versus other smoking methods.

What Dose of Shrooms Should You Smoke?

Due to potency loss from heat, smoking shrooms requires bumping up dosage versus eating them. As a starting point:

  • For a mild high, smoke 0.5-1 grams of dried powder.
  • A moderate trip needs 1-2 grams of smoke.
  • Strong psychedelic effects require packing bowls with 3 grams or more.

These dosages may vary based on mushroom strain potency. Be sure to pace smoking to avoid overdoing it.

Is It Dangerous to Smoke Mushrooms?

Smoking shrooms don’t carry significant health risks if done occasionally. But some safety considerations are prudent:

Respiratory Irritation

Inhaling hot mushroom powder can irritate the lungs and throat. Drink water and gargle to soothe discomfort.

Potency Loss

The heat from smoking destroys some psilocybin. Higher doses are needed versus eating shrooms for similar effects.

Increased Anxiety

Smoked shroom highs come on faster. The rush of psychedelic effects can heighten anxiety, paranoia, and confusion if you’re unprepared.

No “Off Switch”

Once you smoke shrooms, you’re strapped in for the ride. The trip can’t be tempered like with edibles. Set and setting become very important.

While smoking shrooms occasionally probably won’t cause lasting harm, eating them is generally safer. Extended heavy use of smoked shrooms could put your respiratory health at risk.

What are the Best Ways to Consume Shrooms Besides Smoking?

If safety concerns about smoking mushrooms have you hesitant, many other options exist to incorporate shrooms into your psychedelic journey:


Brewing chopped mushrooms into tea is easy on digestion and provides a quick come-up. Tea also concentrates psilocybin out of the mushroom flesh for more powerful effects. Add lemon to convert psilocybin into the more potent psilocin.


Mixing powdered shrooms into peanut butter sandwiches, trail mix, or Nutella is a tasty ingestion method. Effects manifest within 30-60 minutes and the food aids digestion.


Packing shroom powder into gel caps provides predictable dosing and zero taste. Some may find capsules take slightly longer to digest. Take capsules with food for faster metabolization.


Dropping concentrated shroom tinctures under the tongue provides fast absorption without eating fungal matter. Tinctures also store well long.

Lemon Tek

Soaking chopped shrooms in lemon juice before consuming releases more psilocin. Coming up is faster but the trip is shorter. Intense psychedelic surge can be harsh on the stomach.

No matter your preferences, multiple options exist for safely incorporating shrooms besides the intensity of smoking.

How to Have a Smooth Mushroom Trip

Mushroom journeys can range from fun recreational trips to intense personal discovery. Following some tips ensures you have the best experience possible:

  • Start low, go slow: Beginner doses of 1-2 grams get your feet wet before diving deeper.
  • Have a trusted guide: A sober sitter helps if challenges arise. Their calm presence is reassuring.
  • Create a sanctuary: Trip in a clean, pleasant indoor or outdoor setting with soft lighting and comfy seating. Nature enhances mushroom vibes.
  • Make a playlist: Curate hours of your favorite chill music for the ride. Instrumentals, downtempo, or ambient genres work well.
  • Eyeshades: Blocking external visual stimuli helps concentration on mushroom mindscapes.
  • Journal intentions: Consider your desires for healing or self-discovery. Set clear goals.
  • Integrate afterward: Reflect on and apply your mushroom realizations through meditation, art, and conversation.

Treating shrooms with care, intention, and respect maximizes the potential for blissful trips. Surrounding yourself with safety and positivity keeps challenging moments manageable.

How Will Smoking Weed on Shrooms Affect Your Trip?

Cannabis can add an extra layer of psychedelic effects when paired with shrooms. Here’s how mixing weed and magic mushrooms impacts trips:

  • Stronger visuals: Marijuana amplifies mushroom visual hallucinations like breathing patterns and distortions.
  • Increased euphoria: Weed enhances the mood lift, hilarity, and giddiness of shroom highs.
  • Reduced nausea: Cannabis relieves the stomach uneasiness some get from eating mushrooms.
  • Intensified trip: Weed extends the shroom peak or can launch a second peak if smoked on the comedown.
  • Paranoia: Large weed doses may increase mushroom paranoia or confusion in those prone to anxiety.

When used judiciously, cannabis complements mushrooms beautifully. But overdoing it with weed on shrooms can trigger anxiety. Start with just a few hits and wait before smoking more.

Pros and Cons of Smoking Shrooms

Let’s summarize the key advantages and drawbacks of smoking magic mushrooms:


  • Faster than eating shrooms
  • Bypasses nausea from ingesting fungus
  • Provides an intense, immersive psychedelic experience
  • More recreational than ceremonial
  • Easier to dose when mixed with cannabis


  • Wasteful due to potency loss from heat
  • Requires 2-3X higher doses than eating
  • Increased respiratory irritation
  • Heightened anxiety and paranoia
  • Difficult to control trip once started
  • Lacks deeper spiritual insights of other methods

Overall, smoking shrooms offers a shortcut to fast-acting psychedelic effects, but likely won’t provide the transcendent mysticism mushroom journeys are known for.

FAQs About Smoking Shrooms

First-timers smoking shrooms will undoubtedly have more questions. Here are answers to some frequently asked queries:

How long do smoked shrooms last?

Effects come on within 5-10 minutes and peak for 1-2 hours. Residual effects taper off after another 60-90 minutes. Much shorter than the 4-6 hour mushroom trip from eating them.

Do you keep a shroom smoke in like weed?

Yes, hold hits in your lungs for a few seconds to maximize absorption and minimize waste. But don’t keep harsh smoke in long enough to cause coughing.

What temperature vaporizes psilocybin?

Research shows psilocybin vaporizes around 315°F (157°C) when heated slowly. Lighters burn too hot, destroying some compounds. Use a convection vaporizer on low-temperature settings where possible.

Can you smoke shrooms using blunts, joints, or spliffs?

It’s possible but very inefficient. The mushroom powder will continuously burn away rather than vaporize in a slowly moving joint. Stick to pipes or bongs.

What about vape pens?

Vape pens reach ideal temperatures for vaporizing shroom extracts. However, making a concentrated mushroom e-liquid takes advanced laboratory skills. Stick to using dried mushroom powder in a pipe.


Hopefully, this guide has unpacked everything you need to know about the experience of smoking shrooms. While it may seem appealing for a more intense trip, smoking techniques often waste precious mushroom material for weaker effects than proper preparation and ingestion methods.

However, for the curious psychonaut, experimenting with smoking different psychedelics like shrooms in moderation can provide useful novelty and complement other methods. Just be sure to take care with dosing, set, and setting, and combining with cannabis to keep the experience positive.

At Mushroom Village, your trusted vendor, explore the intriguing realm of smoking shrooms in moderation. Enhance your psychedelic journey responsibly with curated products. Navigate dosing, set, and setting for a positive experience.

For me, an occasional smoked mushroom trip down the rabbit hole doesn’t hurt. But I find more profound lessons and healing through quiet meditation on higher doses taken in silent darkness. Mushrooms offer so much wisdom—it’s up to each of us to choose the path of discovery.

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